Trend Setter – Zooey Deschanel

Unconventional Hollywood starlet Zooey Deschanel is the latest fashion maverick to inspire us with her individual and quirky sense of style. Here Mpdclick deconstructs the Deschanel magic.

The multitalented American born actress embodies the spirit of the slash/slash generationm, boasting a commendable career on the big screen as well as enjoying burgeoning musical success as part of indie folk duo ‘She & Him’.

Much like her quirky film choices, her style too has a sense of independence and alternative glamour reinforcing the feeling that this is a girl who truly listens to the beat of her own drum. Zany, goofy and completely adorable Deschanel combines her love of the old school with her bohemian folk sensibility resulting in a vintage vixen-come-housewife look vibrant with her obvious ‘joie de vivre’ and hippy spirit.

She can often be spotted in retro 1950’s and 60’s ensembles favouring flirty pin-up dresses and sweet 60’s jackets.


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