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VM_Nicholas_Arnold_headshotGood product may be the basis of good retail, but visual merchandising is the key to greatness. Here, visual merchandising expert, Nicholas Arnold unlocks the secrets of Seed childrenswear.

Nicholas Arnold is principal of Visual Merchandising Solutions (VMS), a retail consultancy specialising in visual merchandising, point-of-sale and promotion development, including retail staff training.

One of the few retailers that stand out in terms of  presentation is Seed. This clever little children’s fashion boutique has been wowing customers with fantastic, inspiring presentation for a few years now. As soon as you walk in you are drawn to any number of quirky, fun loving displays. The boys’ and girls’ products range from tiny cool belle shoes to trendy cargo pants – all presented in a theme that is relevant, as well as being executed in such a way that the ambience of the store takes you on an inspiring journey.

How, you might ask yourself, has Seed been so successful in standing head and shoulders above every other retailer in its category? This question is relevant to all retailers. Not just to children’s stores but to footwear retailers as well.

Let’s break it down visually.

Seed_girls_shoeFirstly, the Seed guys hit you before you even enter the store. They create beautiful, theatrical displays that last for a number of months, with just the mannequins changed to reflect current stock deliveries. This gives Seed the ability to spend more on a window display that is executed in a professional manner.

Remember, your windows are the eyes of the store. They are the most cost effective and direct form of communication with your customer. At a glance, customers will decide if your business is a fit with them, their lifestyle, ambitions and aspirations. They will enter or not based on how they perceive your window display.

Secondly, Seed visual merchandisers carry the window theme through the entire store. They use shelf displays that are highly propped to maintain customers’ focus where it should be, directed at the products. Again all theming is relevant to the product category. In this case the displays are designed to tweak at the emotions of the parent. They are getting at the child within the adult. Very clever!

The secret for any retailer is to know what it is that motivates your customer. Once you understand that you’re more than half way there.

Visual Merchandising Solutions is a retail consultancy specialising in visual merchandising, point-of-sale and promotion development, including retail staff training. Find out more at http://www.vmsretail.net

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