MPDClick Trend Insight – ‘Keeping it Clean’

Mpdclick_moodboardA key theme UK trend forecaster MPDClick is predicting for AW 10/11 is ‘Cleanse’. Here Mudpie’s Australasian representative Ginger Trend Consulting shares the theme’s highlights.

The Cleanse trend sees technology and simplicity combine in response to a compelling need for a fuss free, efficient way of life.

The extreme formations of de-constructivist architecture and the visionary designs of retro futurism join in a juxtaposition of linear compositions and fluid lines. Softening the trend, the harmony of light reflects a sensual approach to eco issues and organic influences which are integral for a sense of peaceful morality.

The Cleanse trend is divided into three directions; Concept, Balance and Glow. Concept is inspired by the clean lines of minimalist architecture with the foresight of retro futurism, while Balance evokes a feeling of calm, cleanliness and peace as comfort and tranquillity is achieved through the Eastern practice of meditation and Glow takes a sensual approach with ethereal, light inspired aesthetics.


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