Fame for Argentine footwear

Argentina_2_w250Argentine footwear and accessories brands showcased at the Melbourne Australian Shoe Fair have received an enviable publicity boost in Australia via exposure through Spanish speaking media.

Following the fair – co-located with the Bags & Accessories Fair and Fashion Exposed from August 30 to September 1, Channel 31 scheduled a spot on Sunday September 6 at 11.00 am, covering the Argentina shoe industry participation. Meanwhile this Sunday September 13 will see the airing of a special feature on Tito Gonzalez of Bags of Oz.

A first-time exhibitor at the Australian Shoe Fair from August 30 to September 1, the Argentine Footwear Chamber showcased a range of footwear and bags at the event. Shoe brands at the “Shoes from Argentina” stand included Norwich, Sucre, Pietra’s, IWO Ilicia, Bonaparte, Gaelle, Perugia Express, Pull-man, Riacal and My Way. Also on display were handbags brands Humawaca, Pasión Argentina, Mi and Pe.

Argentine Footwear Chamber spokesperson Paulina Campión hailed the trade fair as a milestone for the Argentine footwear industry.

Argentina_1_w200“This is a perfect opportunity for Australian consumers to know and appreciate the high-quality design of Argentine footwear and learn how competitive it is. Australia is a stable and attractive market worth exploring.”

María Eugenia López Fader of the Consulate General of Argentina also described the delegation’s presence as a success.

“The stand was well located and we had a lot of visitors, especially on the first day. […] Australia does not know our industry yet, but I am very sure that people who visited us realised that our quality, price and experience gave us a point of difference from other countries. We were very happy to be part of the Australian Shoe Fair 2009,” she said, adding it was hoped the delegation would return next year.


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