Doing it for the kids

Anna_Fiori_kids_2_w250Renowned footwear brand Anna Fiori is looking to capitalise on demand from the shoe addicts of the future with the launch of a new line of children’s shoes.

The range – carrying the working title “Fioretti” – launched at the Australian Shoe Fair in Melbourne from August 30 to September 1 amid what Anna Fiori sales manager Julie Angerosa described as an atmosphere of optimism.

“This year the trade fair had a really positive feel to it and it was great to see that Australian made product was being supported. I think we really saw a turnaround in people’s attitude; rather than buying generic stock they were really looking for that point of difference. They also seemed to be prepared to pay more for quality product.”

Anna_Fiori_kids_1_w250The new children’s line comprised around 30 styles targeting pre-walkers to six year olds and priced around $100 to $120. Anna Fiori had launched the range in response to market conditions, she said.

“Quite simply there’s been a population boom and there’s now increased demand for kids shoes. We believe it always makes sense to follow the market.”

Interest and business leads for the children’s line and the core Anna Fiori brand had been strong at Australian Shoe Fair, with a high number of leads accrued from the eastern markets including Victoria, Tasmania, Northern NSW and Queensland.

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