Minx steeled for growth

Minx_Lady_Gaga_w250New Zealand shoe brand Minx is booted and spurred in preparation for continued dramatic growth.

Minx founder Cushla Reed said the brand, which recently released its end of year results, was up 126% on last year for FY 2009, a figure evenly split between the Australian and New Zealand markets. She attributed the growth to the brand’s differentiated look and cult following.

Having originally manufactured in New Zealand, burgeoning demand had led the company to produce offshore, she explained.

“However we’ve found some very good makers in China, with a strong focus on quality, and a rejection or re-make rate comparable to what we had when we were making onshore.”

Known for innovation, Minx’s first footwear collection was launched in 2001 using NZ native Moki fish skin as upper material, a world first. In 2002 Minx again set trends by using slim strips of New Zealand Paua Shell in its ranges, while 2003 saw the launch of another footwear innovation, with the use of a new fibre to fabric wool suited to winter footwear.

Upcoming seasons would see the introduction of directional stainless steel heels on both mid-heel and glamour styles, as well as the use of quilted fabrications as embellishments, Reed said.

It was hoped exposure at the Australian Shoe Fair later this month would further leverage opportunities in the Australian market.

“Australia is a huge market for us. We’ve really only scratched the surface so far.”

Australian Shoe Fair will take place from August 30 to September 1 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

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