Investment pieces a key AW10 trend

With recessionary spending likely to continue over the coming months, many consumers will be leveraging new footwear purchases to revive their wardrobes next winter.

From what the experts are saInvestmentying, there’ll be plenty of new styles to choose from, along with the extinction of a few old ones. Women’s shoes for next winter will continue to work the popularity of recent hot picks including the shoe boot, while other old favourites such as platforms will be given the flick, according to leading trend forecasters.

Global forecaster Worth Global Style Network (WGSN)’s northern hemisphere AW09/10 trends commentary predicted reinvigorated, often quirky versions of statement shoes, which would be translated at a commercial level for southern hemisphere AW10.

A return to traditional constructions would also be enlivened by updated and modernised versions of classics such as the Mary-Jane, the Loafer and the Court, said Heidi Dyt, WGSN regional director – Australia and New Zealand.

Dyt confirmed footwear would continue to be a key fashion statement item in the coming northern hemisphere winter wardrobe.

“Heels will work in extremes, tall straight and stiletto-like or wide and blocky, alternatively curvaceous or angular.”

Meanwhile boots would range from delicate and feminine to exaggerated, rugged and masculine constructions. Elegant ankle fitting styles would contrast with looser leg shapes and purposely exaggerated openings, she said.

Sue Ellen Mackintosh-Dixon, president elect at Fashion Group International, anticipated the return of the pump but the demise of the platform style, with straps at insteps and ankles a strong feature.

“Heels go from spikes and spindles to surreal curves. The shoe boot is back. Over-the-knee and thigh-high boots are also making their mark,” she said.

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