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From left to right: Morrison Ondrea cap sleeve jacket, Isabela Capeto maxi dress, Dires Van Noten trench

WA label Morrison has created a very cool number with the Ondrea cap sleeved jacket. Elegant enough to be worn over a frock for work and hip enough to work a more streetwise look, it’s eye catching without being too out there to wear season after season.

If you’re after a taste of Latin sass, look no further than the glorious Isabela Capeto. A star in her native Brazil, Capeto has created this floating confection for her summer 2010 range, combining the relaxed sensibility of a warm night on the Copa Cabana with the chic of monochrome striping.

The trench trend looks set to run and run, with this gorgeous black satin coat dress hybrid by Dries Van Noten embodying everything that’s best about the look – sexiness, timeless style and an easy, fling-it-on feel. Not of course for the budget conscious, but nevertheless a sound investment.

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